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Crispy plum (Canned)

Crispy plum - just like the feeling of love.
Crispy plum is made by removing the bitter taste of raw plum, then dipped in syrup. The taste is crisp and sweet.

10 Catty of green plum (seventy-percent cooked), 10~12 Catty of white sugar, 1 Catty of salt.

1. Rub the green plum and salt until green plum peel discolors and store in a container (1 day).
2. In the next day, gently pat granules to split the plum granules and float (1 day).
3. After draining the plums, divide them into two layers with 0.5 kg of sugar in the middle, place 1.5 kg of sugar on the upper layer in a container, shake it slightly, and store for 3 days.
4. Pour out the dissolved sugar water, and replace the upper layer of plum and the bottom layer of plum, and repeat step (3) for 3 days.
5. Boil 2 Catty of sugar into sugar water and let it cool. Then pour out the melted sugar water in the barrel, inject new sugar water, and store for 15 days.
6. Repeat step (5), store in the refrigerator. The flavor is more crisp and sweet.

Crispy plum (bagged)